So you wanna be a Scuba Diver eh?

So you wanna be a Scuba Diver eh?

so you wanna be ass

You’re in the right place! Also if you’re reading this then you are pretty damn cool because well…. Scuba diving is freaking awesome!

Scuba diving is my little passion! I was brought into this world with scuba diving all around me! My parents were always on the coolest diving trips! My basement in my house was like a small dive shop and the hanging wetsuits would freak me right out!

So you wanna be a scuba diver eh?

Well let’s start with the basics?

Can you swim?

Are you over 10 years old?

Okay great.. You’re good! Anyone can scuba diver I have seen 80 year olds 100 ft down with me!

*Although you do need a medical form signed by your doctor as some medical conditions and diving do not go well together!

What Diving agency do I use?

I’m going to recommend PADI… personally as that is what I use at work and in my personal diving experience! However there is other agencies such as NAUI, SSI etc.

What’s the course actually called? 

PADI Open water course – for beginners entry-level divers

How do I get my PADI Open Water Course?

You have a couple of options actually…

  1. You can do your full PADI open water course with a local dive shop which covers theory and pool session as well as 4 open water dives.
  2. You can do an online (eLearning) course with PADI eLearning and finish your theory on your own in the comfort of your own house! However… you then have to do the pool session and 4 open water dives with an existing dive shop!
  3. You can do a referral program! Are you going on vacation anytime soon? Backpacking in a tropical country? Well all you need is the first part of the course with a local dive shop (theory and pool session) and then when you get overseas or on your vacation you can then go to the local dive shop there and finish your 4 open water dives with an instructor. Doing a referral prgram is a huge benifit as your first dive will be in a ocean. Where the weather is nice and the water is warm (I started in a lake in Toronto, Canada and I couldn’t see a damn thing for the life of me lol)

How much we talking?

Let’s break it down! Each dive shop or center is different and the price ranges but..

PADI ELearning course is – $190

AN example of a dive shop – pool session and 4 open water dives is – $299

AN example of a referral program price (4 open water dives) – Ranges ($200 and up) Depending on where you do it!

  • Remember sometime rental fees are not included in the price! (Watch out)
  • Note – These prices are just an example every dive shop or center varies widely!

So you’re looking at around – $500 to $800 or more!

You might be taken back a bit by the price but I assure you it is worth it! Scuba Diving is amazing, picture yourself weightless swimming deep in the ocean seeing all kinds of wild life up close and personal and making friend with new fish and other divers!

Does it ever expire?

Nope the PADI Open Water Never Expires! You’re good to go! I do recommend if you haven’t dove in a very long time that you take what’s called a refresher course. You can do this course with a local dive shop – it helps you touch up on your skills and tune up dive knowledge! Price usually around – $150 – 200

Is the course hard?

Not at all, it’s made to be fun and exciting and a good experience for you! It’s actually really interesting and gets you pumped to be a diver!

What if it’s not for me?

That’s totally fine, diving is not for everybody! Most divers and instructor understand this! I mean your breathing in a complete foreign environment, we get it!

Will I meet new friends?

100% scuba diving is a VERY social adventure sport and most dive clubs meet regularly and dive together! You will also learn that diving uses a buddy system which means every dive you go on you ALWAYS have a buddy! So you are pretty much guaranteed to make new friends! If you don’t have a buddy on a dive trip you will be paired up with someone every time!

Well I hope you enjoy this little blurb about getting into scuba diving!

Check out these links for more information on the PADI Website and you can also find different dive shops in your hometown and anywhere in the world!

Safe Diving!