Back to Australia I go!

Back to Australia I go!


Its offical! 

I’m moving back to Australia! Yup, I said back..

I lived down under for 5 years and have been home in Canada for around a year and a half now… I dont regret coming home but it was not what I expected it to be, to be honest. The hardest part for me about coming home was the fact that I went from have a decent paying job, a wonderful city apartment in downtown Sydney and long term live in boyfriend and then within a month my world fell apart and I had to move back home to pick up the pieces. I moved back with my parents, worked a minimum wage job (a cool job at a Scuba Shop I really shouldn’t complain) and I was 24 and single starting my life again. This took a huge toll on my self esteem.

Don’t get me wrong I love Canada, I love my family, my friends my, hometown… but its just so….predictable. Since I was old enough I have always had an appetite for travel, for the adventure of some where new. For that awkward and nervous feeling of being in a new place for the first time, knowing you don’t know a single soul and that an adventure awaits you. I long for the smell of a new place, the moment you walk into a hotel or a new apartment and put you bags down, the moment you meet a new friend who “gets you” and understands the beauty of a new city.

So… I made a blog… because that is what are the cool kids are doing. Right?

I am excited for the future, so excited it brings me to a large smile on my face. I haven’t felt this much excitement and anticipation in a very long time.

My Near Future Travel Plans 

April – Florida Keys Scuba Diving Trip

May – Sydney / Wollongong / Melbourne – 3 weeks

June – Living in a van travelling from Sydney to Cairns up the East Coast – 4 weeks

July – Cairns – The Great Barrier Reef – Where I plan to stay for a while – dive – work etc.

August – 2 weeks in Vancouver for my best friends Wedding!

September – Back to Cairns!