Helpful Hints – How to Make New Friends When You are Traveling Solo (Written By True Traveller – Ikran Ahmed)

Helpful Hints – How to Make New Friends When You are Traveling Solo (Written By True Traveller – Ikran Ahmed)

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My best friend Ikran has been a true inspiration to me and has the same craving for travel as I do. She has lived and travelled to Banff & Edmonton- Alberta, Kelowna – British Columbia. She has travelled all around South East Asia and is currently living in Melbourne Australia.She is beautiful inside and out and while she is travelling she seem to make new friends in a heat beat. She has friends all over the world and always has the best stories to tell of her travels. 

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How to Make New Friends When Traveling Solo

Travelling alone can be a scary thing and sometimes trying to make new friends can be even scarier. However, I want you to remember that the people you meet on your travels are the reason why you will have so many amazing stories to tell.

Some of you are wondering, how do you make friends?

Easy… The number one tip is simply to …. Put yourself out there.

Make sure you are comfortable with meeting some of the most random people you can imagine and it is also important that you aren’t judging toward new people you meet because those people will surprise you.

Hostels are always a great way to make friends. Simply ask a group of people or even just one person if you can sit with them (I know it sounds a bit daunting, right?) However, to your surprise most likely everyone says yes.  Start the conversation and find common ground, which would obviously be travelling.

You’ll realize that when you’re travelling the same conversations will come up like “Where are you from? How long have you been backpacking for? Where did you start off? Where are you off to next?” Use these commonly asked ice breaker questions to get the ball rolling.

These commonly asked questions are great to build a bond with a new group or individual and will also give you a good vibe regarding the type of person they are.

A bar is still a great place to meet people if you feel a drink will loosen you up. Sit at the bar if you see one other person. That’s how I made friends with a guy named “Vernon” from Texas in Siem Reap, Cambodia on Pub Street (which is party central in Cambodia). He was sitting alone and I just asked if I can sit with him. He was such a nice guy and I met some of his friends later on that night that he knew from Vietnam. Later that night I also met two Norwegian girls named Linda and Silija. I ended up traveling with these two girls for two and a half weeks. That night was a night to remember as we all danced on the streets all night long.


In Picture (Linda, Vernon, (Linda the 12 year old Cambodian girl known in the South East Asia backpacking world) Silija, Me, and a weird guy)

And guys you will meet some weird people so just embrace it.

Remember the key way to making friends is putting yourself out there and ask them if you can join them. It is as simple as that… Don’t be afraid to ask the question and know that all backpackers are in the same boat as you and also want to meet friends just like you.

 Written By – Ikran Ahmed

Side note – Always be safe when travelling alone especially when drinking. 1. Keep an eye on your drink – drink only what you see prepared yourself 2. Set a drink limit and stick to it – it’s okay to loosen up with a couple drinks but don’t go overboard and end up making a fool of yourself and or getting yourself into something dangerous. 3. Have water in between drinks.

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